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24 December 2015. Our website has been upgraded to the latest version of Joomla and the process of revising the content has commenced.

The Northern Australian Monsoon has made a late start and our donkey depot, Kalinvale Farm has received good steady rain during the previous 24 hours. This will result in the grass being revived and the local rivers gaining a "run" for the benefit of all the fish, platypus and other wildlife.

As the wet season has been unpredictable this year and conditions were very hot and dry, we have taken a pause in operations until the Australia Day holiday weekend (26 January) when we we will run a Wild River Explorer/ Ramble depending on river conditions.

16 January 2015.

We have replaced our office landline with a mobile service to increase functionality and reduce costs. The new telephone number is: 04 76546914


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Herberton, Qld
Humidity: 78%
19 kph
PM Thunderstorms
22 | 30
Scattered Thunderstorms
22 | 33

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