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12 July2016. I have just read Australian Geographic's Special Edition:Your Ultimate Guide to Nature and Adventure in Tropical North Queensland to note that we are listed as number 12 of 50 Things to do in Tropical North Queensland! See page 17.

07 July 2016. Our Schedule of Walks is published for 2016, in Draft form for 2017. The schedule for 2018 will be ready in a few days. We will be offering some new walks in 2017 including:

  • Classic Pubs Accommodated Trek, Atherton to Malanda, 5 days, pub accommodation and pub grub.
  • Elizabeth Creek Walk,7 days camping. This walk is set in the sandstone escarpment country west of Chillagoe. There are hidden valleys, mysterious plants, waterfalls and rock art galleries. Please forward expressions of interest with preferred dates so we can organise a "Pathfinder" Trek. I judge that the best time of the year would be late June or early July.

06 July 2016. Unseasonal rain in May and June have, in part made up for the reduced rainfall recieved during the "2016 Wet Season" . The Wild River wter levels have been renewed  to ensure that swimming and camping conditions are pleasant further along the river. Clear days and cool nights have resumed in time for our first "Packers' Ghost Trek" in August. This a seven day circuit that explores five of the Herberton- Irvinebank mining district's towns which were important at the turn of the century Of the five three are empty sites, most relics having being removed to other developments or, consumed by termites and fire requiring some research to reveal their histories.

16 January 2015. We have replaced our office landline with a mobile service to increase functionality and reduce costs. The new telephone number is: 04 76546914


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