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Wilderness Expeditions: Trekking with Pack Donkeys

Two trekkers with pack donkeys in open forest with tall dry grass
Lloyd and Storm

Wilderness Expeditions offers bushwalking treks and expeditions with a big difference: Trained and experienced pack donkeys carry your food and home comforts across the roughest terrain fully supervised by an interpretative guide and packer/driver.

Use of donkeys enables us to explore remote and rugged areas of Lower Cape York and the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland in more comfort than with conventional bushwalking and to get to places that are not accessible by wheeled vehicles.

We offer a range of short, medium and extended walks, treks and expeditions. Our treks and expeditions are mostly off the beaten track, so we enjoy our own space. Many walks require little preparation and are suitable for adults of all ages and children older than 9 years. Treks may be overnight or extended to as long as 28 days.Longer treks and expeditions are planned to be challenging and require a higher level of physical fitness.

Note: that our treks are bushwalking - the donkeys are not equipped for riding. Participants must be prepared to complete treks by walking.

Our pack teams carry your luggage, your tent and your bed. On longer treks your donkey will also carry a share of the food. Camp stretcher beds, dining tables and chairs are provided. We use good quality, insect proof tents. We even carry a traditional shower bucket for a hot shower at the end of a strenuous day.

Tasty meals are cooked over open fires using camp ovens and authentic pack billy cans (We are consistently praised for our food).

Boiling the billy for tea in a grassy open woodland scene

Bush Kitchen
Mob of cattle being driven across the Daintree River, North Queensland, circa 1960
Droving Cattle, Cape York

We continue the traditions of Australian packing methods used by explorers, drovers and miners for hundreds of years. Our treks are a complete experience of natural travel in the Australian bush.

Donkeys are kind to the environment leaving a barely traceable narrow track and being able to fit between trees.

Wilderness Expeditions pack train's capacity is sufficient to carry luggage, camping equipment and supplies for a party of 10 - 12 persons for up to 14 days, including wine with dinner! The donkeys add a further dimension to the journey as hardworking companions and characters.

We often encounter wildlife and have plenty of opportunity to observe birds, swim in wild rivers, or perhaps engage in some fishing in waterholes where the fish have never seen lures before!

Enjoy exploring Australia's tropical forests and outback, see wildlife, live some heritage, and discover interesting places well off the beaten track with a friend to carry your gear.

The donkeys may be led individually or as a "pace" or string. Most trekkers wish to lead and care for "their" donkey.

A journey supported by a pack team becomes a satisfying, authentic, bush experience, as the pack team is self-contained and self-reliant, dispensing with any need for motor vehicle back up, and allowing independent travel throughout most our region.

Father and two children with a team of pack donkeys pause for a rest in an open woodland setting
Rest Break


  • We work to an internationally accepted code of practice for the care of working donkeys developed by the Donkey Protection Society, UK, and
  • We apply eco- tourism principles and practices to all our operations per Eco- Tourism Association of Australia recomendations.

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