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Biscuit loaded with packbags and camp furniture

Biscuit. One of the Banka Banka Boys, Biscuit is the smallest donkey in our pack team. Visitors often ask if Biscuit is younger than the other donkeys. He is about the same age as the other Banka Banka donkeys but is smaller. He is as tough as the others and often carries 50-55 Kg. He is shown here, loaded for a short walk from Kalinvale.


Joseph. Joseph is special as he was the first donkey aquired in 1999 when the pack donkey concept was being developed. Joseph is a character and often attends events such as ANZAC Day services representing Simpson's donkey. Joseph is semi-retired in 2014 due to hoof problems, and is now our PR representaive.
Pumpjack Pumpjack. Pumpjack is one of the Banka Banka donkeys arriving at Kalinvale in December 2000. He is a very reliable animal and is often allowed to free rein behind the rest of the team. Here, he is loaded with picnic sets on a local day walk, and with firefighting knapsack sprayers during a contract to carry materials for the rebuilding of a a walking track on Mount Baldy.

Pumpjack Loaded with Firefighting Knapsack Sprayers

Jack Jack. Jack was aquired when the property he was living was sold and he was found a foster home. Unfortunately he was too noisey for his new home and he subsequently joined the pack team. He is an unusual roan colour. Jack has  completed all three 24 day Kennedy Treks and many short treks and carries about 55-60 Kg.


Sonny. Sonny was purchased in 2002. He has trekked from Mid-NSW to Cooktown and back on the Bi Centennial National Trail (BNT) with his previous owner, Robyn. Despite poor confirmation Sonny is a loyal and reliable member of the pack team and enjoys being the "front" donkey. Sonny is best mates with Bronson.
14 Flourbag IMG 0979 Flourbag. Flourbag is a "jack" and sire to a number of foals at Kalinvale. He is one of the Banka Banka donkeys and a good example of the Australian Draught type donkey that were bred in NW Australia. He is quite old, we estimate that he was 40 years old in 2010. He is covered in battle scars from his days as a feral donkey. He is a loveable old gentlemen and is living in retirement at Kalinvale.

Storm Loaded with Max and Saffire

Storm. Storm was born on Kalinvale in 2002. His Dam is Bridget and sire is Flourbag. Both are Banka Banka feral donkeys. Storm walked the 5350km of the BNT in 2006 with Max. Storm is shown loaded for a trek into the Gulf of Carpenteria with Max and his dog friend, Sapphire. Storm is nearly 13 HH (1.3m at the shoulder) and often carries 70 (+) kg.

Bronson being led across the Walsh River at Rock Bluffs

Bronson. Bronson was purchased from Robyn together with his friend, Sonny. Bronson is a very strong pack animal and often is chosen to carry the kitchen, which is a bulky and heavy load. Bronson has trekked the Southern Queensland sections of the BNT with his previous owner Robyn.
31 Bella Snow Snow. Snow was born on Kalinvale . His Dam is Bella and sire , Flourbag. Snow is a gentle and willing donkey but developed a lung condition, possibly caused by a parasitic worm migration through his lungs which cause him to be short of breath. As at 2014, he appears to have recovered from this condition. He is available for short walks from Kalinvale. The second photo is Snow with his dam, Bella at 4 days old.
  Charlie. Charlie is the second donkey acquired in 1999. He is a smart and willing donkey  who will lead or work as a team number. Charlie is trained to harness and once worked pulling carriages for weddings and other occasions in Cairns with his best mate and half brother "Albert".
  Albert. Albert is a "rescue" donkey who fell on hard times when he was abandoned by his previous owner. He came to Kalinvale in 2001 and after recovering from hoof problems, joined the pack team. We have later learned that he and Charlie are half brothers, and they have developed  a strong friendship. He is a steady member of the team but can be a bit "pedestrian" at times. He normally carries 55-65 kg and as he has a flat back he is often chosen to carry difficult loads.

Sonny and Bronson Loaded with 20 litre Water Bladders

30Snow IMG 2753  


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