GrayKangaroos_000Wilderness Expeditions provides walking and camping treks with pack donkey teams that carry luggage, food and camping gear. Use of pack donkeys enables you to explore places rarely visited by others, and treks may be extended in range and duration without relying on motor vehicles.

Walks and Treks include:

  • Day walks & picnics;
  • Overnight & extended camping treks;
  • Extended treks and safaris of up to four week

Themes and Features can be:

  • Pioneer themes - following original stock routes, pack horse and mule roads of the area;
  • Explorer - Retracing actual routes of the first explorers of Cape York;
  • Rock art and Bi-Centennial National Trail (BNT).

Trek Classification. Treks and walks are classified into the following types:

  • Day Walks,Short Camping Treks,
  • Extended camping Treks, and
  • Expeditions.

RockArtWhiteCroc0003Suitability and Difficulty. Our walks are graded into four assessed levels of challenge, based on a number of factors including:

  • The nature of terrain,
  • Quality and availability of tracks,
  • Isolation and remoteness of the route, and
  • Expected climatic conditions, and Trek duration.
  • Gradings are shown on the program of walks and treks.

Walk Grades are:

  • Comfortable,
  • Moderate,
  • Challenging, and 
  • Demanding.

Group Size. Our treks are conducted as small groups of no more than 12 people, which assists successful wildlife watching.

Meals during camping treks are cooked over open wood fires using traditional (Bedourie type) camp ovens:

  • Short camping trek and day trip menus are based on the availability of local fresh produce. We attempt to show off local specialties when ever possible.
  • Expedition rations are based on dried foods with three course dinners, nutritious breakfasts and lunches. Wine is served with evening meals when appropriate. Bread is baked on a time available basis.
  • Special gourmet picnics are available on request (for additional cost).

See the Menus Page for some sample menus, and some example recipes that you may wish to try at home or on your private camping trips.

Camp Furniture. Typically we provide the following camping equipment:

  • Insect proof tents (currently Mossie-Dome IV) on a twin share basis,
  • Camp stretcher beds,
  • Aluminium slat type folding tables,
  • Camping chairs,
  • Table lanterns,
  • Mess kits - plates, bowls, knife, fork and spoon (KFS)sets,
  • Drinking mug or traditional quart pot (extended treks only),
  • Travel type pillows, and
  • Canvas bucket showers.

Sleeping bags are available on request for a nominal cleaning charge. Solo tents are available by prior arrangement for an additional cost. We do not use swags due to their bulk and unsuitability in wet weather.

CookingBreakfastWhat Do You Bring? For short treks you need to bring only some changes of clothes, your swimmers and some toiletries. Requirements for longer treks can be more complex. A suggested kit list is available at the following link: Personal Kit List.

Most people prefer to carry a small day pack for their convenience, but there is no need too, as the donkeys will carry everything.

Safety. We plan for the complete safety of walkers and donkeys, and carry satellite communications, comprehensive first aid kits, and all guides are qualified and experienced first aiders.

Routes. We have access to over 470km of pioneer and mining roads and tracks in the Herberton Region. Longer treks may involve stock routes, public access and private property, which can extend the radius of our operations considerably.

Normal daily distances are 7 to 15km with the donkeys carrying all the food and camping gear. Expeditions may require trekkers to complete longer distances after a few days of settling in, so that we can maintain a similar schedule to the explorer we are retracing.

Walks can be adjusted to suit a group's requirements in distance terrain and degree of physical challenge on request.

National Parks. Queensland legistation prohibits use of our donkey pack teams within National Parks. We are permitted to traverse State Forest and certain envirionmental and conservation reserves.

Privacy of Personal Details. Wilderness Expeditions does not sell or exchange any information collected and stored as our customer database.

Schedule of Walks and Treks. See Schedule Page

Bookings. Bookings and enquiries may be completed by e-mail, see bookings for a direct link.