Wilderness Expeditions offers bushwalking treks and expeditions with a big difference: Trained and experienced pack donkeys carry your food and home comforts across the roughest terrain fully supervised by an interpretative guide and packer/driver.

Use of donkeys enables us to explore remote and rugged areas of Lower Cape York and the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland in more comfort than with conventional bushwalking and to get to places that are not accessible by wheeled vehicles.

We offer a range of short, medium and extended walks, treks and expeditions. Our treks and expeditions are mostly off the beaten track, so we enjoy our own space. Many walks require little preparation and are suitable for adults of all ages and children older than 9 years.

Treks may be overnight or extended to as long as 28 days. Longer treks and expeditions are planned to be challenging and require a higher level of physical fitness.

Note: that our treks are bushwalking – the donkeys are not equipped for riding. Participants must be prepared to complete treks by walking.

Our pack teams carry your luggage, your tent and your bed. On longer treks your donkey will also carry a share of the food. Camp stretcher beds, dining tables and chairs are provided. We use good quality, insect proof tents.

We even carry a traditional shower bucket for a hot shower at the end of a strenuous day.

Tasty meals are cooked over open fires using camp ovens and authentic pack billy cans

(We are consistently praised for our food).


Short & Extended Camping Treks

Our pack donkey treks provides opportunities to explore Cairn’s Outback. The donkey pack team carry all your gear, tents, camp furniture including tables, chairs and camp stretcher beds, good food and even a little wine to enjoy with dinner.

Apprehensive about walking with a donkey? No problems.The donkeys are experienced and trained. All treks are led by an experienced packer and donkey driver

Explore remote and rugged terrain that cannot be accessed by motor vehicles. Relax and enjoy camping in luxury .

Treks and walks can be as short as overnight or extend to 3,6, 7 or as long as 28 days.


About the Region​

The Wilderness Expeditions region of operation is centred on Herberton, a once a wealthy tin mining centre and the first town established in the Atherton Tablelands Region.

Now a sleepy dormitory town, Herberton sits on the edge of the Great Dividing Range astride the aptly named Wild River. 


This region is ripe for discovery and adventure.

Pioneer mule roads and pack tracks laced with facets of fauna, flora, history and geology form the foundations of our treks. 

These treks are true micro-adventures and discovery experiences.

Jack and Albert

Meet Our Donkeys​

Wilderness Expeditions cares for 26 donkeys including the pack team, our breeding Jack, brood jennies, some rescued and retired donkeys

Donkeys are extremely loyal and endearing animals that adapt to trekking by their heritage of over 5000 years of service to man in this role.

Many of our pack team were captured as feral donkeys on Banka Banka Station.The dray teams were turned out when replaced by motor trucks and utilities in the 1950’s and 1960’s and the populations expanded into herds of feral donkeys that are now regarded as pests. 

Make a new friend with a hard working donkey companion.

An Authentic Outback trek in the footsteps of the first explorers.




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