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Wilderness Expeditions offers bushwalking treks and expeditions that explore remote and rugged areas of Lower Cape York and the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland. These treks and places are not featured in mainstream travel brochures so we enjoy our own space. Wilderness Expedition’s treks have been developed during twelve years of operation

Treks may be overnight or extended (3 to 28 Days) we use good quality insect proof tents; beds and other camp furniture are provided.

Pack donkeys are utilised to carry the equipment and supplies, relieving trekkers from the need to carry heavy backpacks in tropical conditions. We continue the traditions of Australian packing methods used by explorers, drovers and miners since the earliest gold rushes and cattle stations. The pack teams carry basic camp furniture, good quality tents your luggage, rations and some wine. Meals are cooked over open fires using camp ovens and flat-sided pack billy-cans (King William Kettles). Our treks are an authentic experience of natural travel in the Australian bush and outback.

Wilderness Expeditions pack train’s capacity is sufficient to carry luggage, camping equipment and supplies for a party of 10 – 12 persons for up to 14 days, including wine with dinner! Establishing caches of supplies or arranging discrete rendezvous with support parties at intervals during the trek may extend treks.

We often encounter wildlife and have plenty of opportunity to observe birds, swim in wild rivers, or perhaps engage in some fishing in rarely fished waterholes.