Exploring The Wild River

Wilderness Expeditions can provide weekends or longer treks to enhance Father and Son relationships.


Activities may include:

  • Bush navigation,

  • Camp fire cooking,

  • Basic bush Survival techniques:

    • improvised water collection,

    • Shelter building,

    • Rope making,

    • Fishing

  • Tracking, and

  • identifying stars and constellations

  • Navigation using sun and stars.


Our pack donkeys provide an ideal medium to inculcate leadership, responsibility and a knowledge of working with larger animals.

Tim spent three years as the Senior Instructor of the Australian Army's Survival School based in the Northern Territory. This school conducted demanding survival courses for soldiers in very remote parts of Northern Australia.

Adventures can be a weekend or longer.


These trips may be adapted to suit Mother and Daughter or other relationships.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Father and Sons Adventures