Footsteps Of Ludwig Leichhardt

This four week expedition authentically retraces the route taken by Ludwig Leichhardt and his party during his 1844/45 exploration of Northern Australia. The expedition has been arranged as three discrete sub- expeditions or sections of 8, 6, and 14 days respectively.

The start is at Valley of Lagoons (Bobtail's Last Camp) to finish at Arrowroot Camp on the Lynd River.We return to civilisation with a night of cabin accommodation in Chillagoe.

We consider this trek to be "Challenging to Demanding" this expedition traverses some very rugged and isolated terrain -reliving many of Leichhardt's challenges but camping in comfort.


Ludwig Leichhardt was the first European overland explorer of Northern Australia. He traversed from Brisbane to Victoria Settlement (North of Kakadu) in 1844-1845. He and his party disappeared during a later attempt to cross Australia from East to West in 1848.

Leichhardt Steps Expedition. This pack donkey expedition authentically retraces part of Leichhardt's route from Valley of Lagoons and the headwaters of the mighty Burdekin River, across the Great Dividing Range and descends the Lynd River through rugged gorges and beside paperbacked cloaked waterholes.

Leichhardt used horses and pack bullocks. Travelling in similar fashion, Wilderness Expeditions donkey pack team will carry our supplies and equipment. Travelling with the pack team allow us to travel at the same rate as the original expedition.

The trek is offered annually in May-June on the anniversary of the original journey, as a complete 28 day expedition or as discrete shorter sections: 

  • The Land of The Lotus Eaters (eight days), 

  • Search Over The Ranges (six days), 

  • Descent of the Lynd (14 days),

  • Descent of the Lynd. Extraction by Savannahlander Train from Lyndbrook Station to Cairns (7days), and

  • Descent of The Lynd (7 days) to Lyndbrook Railway Stn, includes insertion by Savannahlander train from Cairns via Mt Surprise and Forsayth.


A copy of his journal and his field notes will be taken, from which comparisons of his and this journey can be made. 


Sections may be booked separately or in combination.


This trek is fully guided, trained pack donkeys to carry luggage, food and camp furniture. The fare includes meals, limited red wine with dinner, use of camping gear, and connecting transport.

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