Packers Ghost Tour




Arranged as a seven-day circuit, this walking trek visits five heritage North Queensland mining town sites. These towns, of which three are now ghost towns, and two are shadows of their former industrial might were once the heart of the Moffat mining empire. A team of pack donkeys will carry all the camping furniture, food and luggage, continuing the packing tradition of the North Queensland miners, pioneers and drovers.

Relive some of life at the turn of the century when horsepower meant Clydesdales, and pack teams of horses and mules carried everything from flour to stamper batteries. In the late 1880s the main towns of the area were Herberton, Montalbion, Stannary Hills and Watsonville. Each of these towns at some time probably had a population of 500 people or more. Herberton is the only surviving town now with a population of 980 people and Watsonville, once with seven brass bands, has only some 330 residents scattered across the locality.


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