Expeditions of 14 to 30 days are available either as a private group activity or as scheduled treks to locations on lower Cape York and the Atherton Tablelands region.

Greens Battery, Emuford, Kennedy Retrace Expedition

Pioneer and Explorer Series

We have developed two significant treks as expeditions. Both these expeditions follow sections of the routes taken by the very first European land explorers to North Queensland:

  • Ludwig Leichhardt 1844-45, and

  • Edmund Kennedy 1848.

Leichhardt's Footsteps. Conducted annually on the anniversary of the original journey, May - June. Authentically retraces the route taken by Ludwig Leichhardt and party during his 1844/45 exploration of Northern Australia from Valley of Lagoons (Bobtail's Last Camp) to Arrowroot Camp on the Lynd River. This 28 day adventure is 420 km long and is offered as three discrete sub-expeditions, 8 days, 6 days and 14 days.

Kennedy Retrace follows Edmund Kennedy’s route from the site of his camp XXIX at Mount Garnet, Queensland to the location of his camp XLII near the Development Road Wrotham Crossing of the Walsh River some 35 km north of Chillagoe, Queensland. Conducted annually on the anniversary of the original 1848 journey, this 240km adventure is offered as two discrete sections,

Section One, 9 days, starts at Mt Garnet and finishes at Long Waterhole near Petford and follows Reids and Emu Creeks from the Great Divide.

Section Two starts at Long Waterhole, follows Emu Creek to its junction with the Walsh River then the Walsh River as it serpentines its way through the Featherbed Ranges and Caldera. It takes 15 days to retrace Kennedy's route through the rugged ranges and long paperbark lined waterholes.

Expeditions are available at other times by private arrangement as a charter. Note that dates need to be arranged with consideration of the prevailing climate as temperatures from September to May can be very hot and may be subject to monsoonal rain. Please call or e-mail and discuss the possibilities.


Our expeditions are more arduous and challenging than shorter walks. Expeditions are both longer in distance and duration, and traverse very isolated regions.